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Reporting Methodology

We ensure that all reports are prepared according to the specific criteria and meet pre-determined parameters governing quality. Quality checks are performed at every stage of the reporting process always keeping in mind our clients requirements.


These are the basic steps we undertake during our investigations. (Please note that the below steps apply depending on the type of report you choose to receive from us.)

  1. Identify the subject
    1. Whether it is a legal or a physical entity we identify and confirm the details of the requested profile. This allows us to be sure that the entity we are investigating is the actual entity that our clients wish to receive a report on. In case we retrieve more than one subject with similar names we ask our clients to verify which one it is they are searching for.
  2. Source all available information
    1. All available information concerning the subject is retrieved from official sources. Even though in some countries this is a manual process, Official Registries are our initial source of information. Usually from official registries we retrieve information regarding the registered details of a company, like Shareholders, Directors and Share Capital; however in some countries Financial Information might also be available.
    2. Supplementary screenings through proprietary databases and global subscription sites are conducted to obtain additional information.

      Through these databases, we are able to retrieve information regarding:
      1. Related entities of the Subject. These relationships include in case of a company the related entities of the Shareholders, the Directors or the company itself and in case of a physical entity even though the information might be more limited, depending on the country of residence we can also retrieve information for related entities.
      2. Detrimental Information. Depending on your country of interest any available detrimental information for the subject and its related entities is sourced. This detrimental information might include but is not limited to: Bankruptcy Proceeding, Negative Trade References etc.
    3. Desk research including checks for published media articles is conducted.
      This research will help us gather any information published for the entity you are investigating or its related entities.
    4. In the case of a legal entity, an interview is conducted with a relevant principal of the subject to retrieve information regarding: Future Plans, explanation of figures in Annual Report and Financial Statements etc
  3. Creating the report
    1. All information obtained is processed and collated into a report.
      Through our internally developed system we are able to enter all the information retrieved from the above investigation and produce a high quality report.
    2. We perform a thorough quality check before the report is finalized and sent to the client.
      Our report goes through multiple quality checks prior to being finalized and sent to the client. These checks are performed both automatically through the system, but also manually by the quality officers.


During the assessment of a company, we take under consideration multiple factors, including financial and non-financial parameters to provide a thorough assessment of the subject company. In the case of a credit report, this assessment allows us to calculate a maximum credit suggestion based on quantitative data including official financial statements or the subjects issued capital. In case of a Credit Assessment Report we take under consideration the trade references of a company from the market, thus allowing us to provide a more accurate assessment based on the references that the peers, customers and suppliers provide for the company.

We take into account a range of variables including length of operations, number of employees, affiliated entities etc.

Specialised Investigations


Please note for specialised investigations and due diligence reports, the procedures vary according to each client's specific requirements.

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