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Who is Infocredit Group?

Infocredit Group is a leading, international provider of credit and business information products with over 40 years of experience. We offer products and services in the regions of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, The Americas and Caribbean and Asia Pacific.

What is Infocredit World?

Infocredit world is the online platform of Infocredit Group, specifically created to facilitate international business information needs. Infocredit world allows users to view our entire product range, review information about our capabilities as well as sample reports and order products online.

What Products and Services are available at Infocredit World?

Infocredit World provides access to our entire product range including: Credit Information Reports, Individual Reports, Due Diligence, KYC, Site Checks, Certificates & Apostille, Local Media Checks, as well as a number of Background Screening services and our specialised investigation services which provide a tailor made investigation package suited to the requirements as defined by the client.

What regions do you cover?

We cover all regions worldwide; including Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, where we have a local presence and Asia Pacific, The Americas and Caribbean and Africa where we work with a strategic network of partners.

How can i register at Infocredit World?

Simply click on the registration button on the left of any page, fill in your details and submit. As soon as you are registered, you can log on, edit your account details and purchase products and services.

What are the benefits of registering with Infocredit World?

Once registered you can efficiently utilize our ordering system to place your requests. Our secure system will automatically remember your delivery information so all you need to do is enter your order details. Additionally by registering, you will receive product updates, news about our improved services and holiday announcements.

How can i place an order?

From the home page of Infocredit world, you can pick if you require solutions for a business or individual. The next page will highlight the products we provide; here you can view product information and a sample. Once you have selected the product of interest, you can view the countries in which this product is available and proceed to complete your order. If the product of choice is not available in the required country, you can contact us for a personalised package tailored to your requirements.

Can I order multiple products at one time?

Infocredit world allows you to add multiple products to your basket and pay for the total in one transaction.

What are my Payments options?

You can pay using Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro cards.

How do i know if my order was successfully placed?

Once you have completed the payment process you will be directed to a new page where we will confirm if your order was successfully placed or not. You will also receive a confirmation email if your order was successful.

What happens if my order is not processed?

In the event that your payment was unsuccessful, you will be advised to contact your card issuer or proceed with your payment using a different card.

How will I receive my report or investigation findings?

We deliver all our reports in word or pdf format to the specified email address. Similarly investigation findings will be collated into a report.

Who should I contact if I have a question about my report?

If you require assistance with a report you have received, you can email your query to orders@infocreditworld.com. Please state the report name in the subject line as this will help us to review your query efficiently.

What is the Volume or Reseller Agreements?

The volume agreement takes into account information from you regarding your expected volumes, to offer you more competitive pricing. The reseller agreement offers certain conditions for you to buy our products in order to sell on. For more information concerning these agreements, please contact us at info@infocreditworld.com.

Is my personal information kept confidential and secure?

We do not share personal or company information with any third parties, researchers or reporters. We use the information you provide us to communicate effectively with you in terms of your account, orders, product updates and other requests authorized by you. Credit card details are used for payment only and are not stored in our system.

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